He"s the author of several hugely successful children"s books (= books which have sầu been bought by a lot of people).

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The nearer that this Model is approached, the more successful a purely quantitative sầu approach will be, as in drug trials.
Another is that competition, even if successful in reducing tariffs, will marginally affect the households bills.
The pilot was ultimately successful in that we identified a large number of retìm kiếm & policy gaps và suggestions for clinical guidelines.
These suggestions correspond with the problems communicated by the physicians & are, thus, likely to lớn be more successful.
Unlượt thích a nephrology consult, successful ethical practice does not easily fit in the consultative paradigm: it requires more than a 15-minute discussion.
Infants typically experienced more or less successful outcomes depending on the nature và chất lượng of their interaction patterns with their caregivers.
He considers that, by và large, it was successful in accomplishing what its progenitors wanted it to accomplish.
The rise of labour militancy was perhaps the most important trend towards successful utilisation of non-violent action.
In this study, the searches for life expectancy data were particularly successful in terms of offering a relatively high precision.
A successful grasp is typically accomplished by reasonably satisfying all of these constraints together, which is not always possible.
A really successful ethical consultant should be able to lớn provide some directions for further growth & development.

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I hope that this will help to lớn explain the many and various definitions of the concept of successful ageing.
Theories with a narrow domain name are always subject khổng lồ revision based on successful scientific practice.
These examples are from corpora và from sources on the website. Any opinions in the examples bởi not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.




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