drag drag (drăg) verbdragged, dragging, dragsverb, transitive1. To pull along with difficulty or effort; haul: dragged the heavy box out of the way. See synonyms at pull. 2. To cause khổng lồ trail along a surface, especially the ground. 3. To move or bring by force or with great effort: had to lớn drag me lớn the dentist; dragged the truth out of the reluctant witness. 4. a. To tìm kiếm or sweep the bottom of (a body toàn thân of water), as with a grappling hook or dragnet. b. To bring up or catch by such means.5. To prolong tediously: dragged the story out. 6. Baseball. To hit (a bunt) while taking the first steps toward first base. verb, intransitive1. To trail along the ground: The dog"s leash dragged on the sidewalk. 2. To move sầu slowly or with effort. 3. To lag behind. 4. To pass or proceed slowly, tediously, or laboriously: The time dragged as we waited. 5. To search or dredge the bottom of a body of water: dragging for the sunken craft. 6. To take part in or as if in a drag race. 7. To draw on a cigarette, pipe, or cigar. noun1. The act of dragging. 2. Something, such as a harrow or an implement for spreading manure, that is dragged along the ground. 3. A device, such as a grappling hook, that is used for dragging under water. 4. A heavy sledge or cart for hauling loads. 5. A large four-horse coach with seats inside và on top. 6. Something, such as a sea anchor or a brake on a fishing reel, that retards motion. 7. One that impedes or slows progress; a drawback or burden: the drag of taxation on economic growth. 8. The degree of resistance involved in dragging or hauling. 9. The retarding force exerted on a moving toàn thân by a fluid medium such as air or water. 10. A slow, laborious motion or movement. 11. a. The scent or trail of a fox or another animal. b. Something that provides an artificial scent.12. Slang. One that is obnoxiously tiresome: The evening was a real drag. 13. A puff on a cigarette, pipe, or cigar. 14. Slang. A street or road: the town"s main drag. 15. The clothing characteristic of one sex when worn by a thành viên of the opposite sex: an actor in drag. idiom.drag (one"s) feet or drag (one"s) heels To act or work with intentional slowness; delay: "The bureaucracy has been known lớn drag its feet in implementing directives with which it disagrees" (Henry A. Kissinger).

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dragdrag(n) slog, effort, struggle, grind, strain, graftdrag(v) pull, haul, draw, heave, lug, tug, tow, trail, draggle dawdle, lag, crawl, creep, loiter, lingerantonym: fly

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