From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Theatrebox officeˈbox ˌoffice noun 1 APT the place in a theatre, cinema etc where tickets are sold → ticket officeat the box office Collect your tickets at the box office.2 SUCCESSFUL used to lớn describe how successful a film, play, or actor is, by the number of people who pay to see thema (huge) box office hit/successa (big) box office draw (=a successful actor who many people will pay lớn see)box office receipts/takings etc (=the number of tickets sold or the money received)Examples from the Corpusbox office• It was finally released on September 23,1970 lớn disappointing Review cùng box office results.• It broke box office records from Thủ đô New York to lớn Rio.• The company also had its offices cùng its box office elsewhere except during performances.• Tickets, priced £2.50, are available from the National box office on 01-928 2252.• Tickets are available at the box office or by phone at 621-3341.• The winners will be notified tomorrow với they can pichồng up their tickets at the box office.• Reserve tickets in advance by calling the box office at 622-2823.• In the box office, which is occupied by two women with patient smiles, they blame the trains. at the box office• Tickets are available at the box office or by phone at 621-3341.• Tickets are available at the box office, 2202 W.. Anklam Road, or by calling 206-6988.• Tickets, available at the box office, are $ 10 general admission, $ 7 for students và seniors.• Book at the box office by phone or use the Month of Sundays Booking Form.• Please note that tickets will be held at the Box Office for collection if no s.a.e.

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is supplied.• Went inlớn orbit at the box office, too.• Julia Roberts” beauty didn”t stop Pretty Woman becoming a smash at the box office.• The winners will be notified tomorrow và they can piông xã up their tickets at the box office receipts/takings etc• But just as the international community was beginning khổng lồ catch on, quality began khổng lồ drop và box office receipts went down.• The entire box office receipts were normally given khổng lồ the lucky artiste.• He với Eng reasoned that box office receipts would help pay the way baông chồng khổng lồ Los Angeles.From Longman Business Dictionarybox officeˈbox ˌoffice1COMMERCE the place at a cinema or theatre where people can buy tickets2 if a film or show does well at the box office, it sells a lot of tickets và so makes a lot of moneyThe thriller was a hit at the box office.The group is suffering after a series of box-office flops. → office

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