AutoKMS.exe is an executable file & a part of AutoKMS software. It was developed by two persons who remain anonymous till date. As mostly identified, AutoKMS.exe cộ is a malware or a hacking tool. Many people tải về this in order khổng lồ exempt from payments of software or to crachồng unregistered Microsoft products. As a result, the users compromise their system security và make it prone lớn hacking.

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In short, the AutoKMS.exe pháo is an application that is used to lớn bypass the Microsoft Activation và illegally used to lớn activate Windows 10, 8, MS Office 20trăng tròn. It’s strongly recommended lớn not to lớn use AutoKMS và should always buy the original Windows Operating System.

The full form of AutoKMS is “Automatic Key Management System“.

File kích thước, location, & facts

After installation, the file usually is stored in C:WindowsAutoKMS. There are 28 known variants of AutoKMS whose sizes range from 1.71 MB lớn 6.19 MB. The most common are of form size 3.72 MB and 3.73 MB.

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Some Facts you need khổng lồ know about AutoKMS.exe:

It is a malicious program or malware.It is also an executable tệp tin.It is not recognized by windows & not essential at all.It is downloaded with the intent of cracking software to lớn avoid payment.It is dangerous for your system as it can manipulate or control other programs.It has no visible window.The program automatically starts as you boot your system.It is either stored in C:Windows or in a subfolder of C:WindowsAutoKMS

How does AutoKMS work?

Auto KMS is deliberately downloaded by some users with ill intentions of using unregistered or pirated software.If you are running any pirated software (Generally a pirated copy of Microsoft Office or Windows), you will definitely need AutoKMS lớn activate the software. Now, when AutoKMS is downloaded, the security of the system becomes vulnerable and can be easily hacked.

How dangerous is AutoKMS?

AutoKMS, as most sources identify is malware and can be used by the hackers khổng lồ enter your system data.As sources say, the risk factor of this file is moderate to lớn high.It not only makes it easy for hackers khổng lồ enter your system but also downloads more malicious software along with it. Therefore, it is highly recommended khổng lồ avoid this file.

How To Uninstall or remove sầu AutoKMS?

Uninstall AutoKMS manually

Many experts have sầu compared this tệp tin lớn the trojan virut but the good news is that, unlượt thích a trojan virus, you can uninstall this program lớn make your system protected và safe.

By following a few simple steps, you can get rid of the tệp tin AutoKMS.exe-

1. Press Windows + R to lớn open the Run application

2. Enter control in the Run text field và click OK lớn open the Control panel

3. Make sure you have selected Large Icons as the view type on the top-right corner of the Control panel window



You must avoid downloading AutoKMS in the very first place. However, if you have sầu mistakenly or intentionally downloaded it, follow the above steps and remove it khổng lồ keep your system safe from hackers & malware. In case you have sầu suggestions or queries, kindly liên hệ us or leave a phản hồi, I hope this article was informative sầu.

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