About Us

Come to Danang and we’ll tell you the tale of the air-bricks. Years after years of seawater ebb and flow, it leaves behind a sticky mixture of sand and silt. The village people mix it with a few additives available in the village and put it in a mold. The process is as simple and organic as the hospitality of the hard working village people.
Come to Danang and we’ll wrap these air-bricks in raw papers and give them to you as a memory of this land. They are decorated with details depicting the flowers from the Champa Empire long long ago. They exude the charms of the elusive and intriguing Apsara dancers. The air-bricks decorate the columns in the house. They embrace the window sills like this land embracing heaven and earth.
Come to Danang and we’ll share our moments with you and you can also go create your own moments. You can write your names on the golden sands, let the wind take you to every corner of this wonderful city. You will see a house on a street corner adorned with bright purple flowers and these lovely air-bricks – like the spirit of Danang, like our sentiments towards Danang and you…
Our Home is in Danang. Our Home is where we create our moments- Danang Moments !
Your Moment, Our Story !

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